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ALTAIR – Made of dreams, Passion and pride..



The twelfth brightest star in the night sky, the Altair star has been seen as a guiding light favored by ancient mariners and continues to dominate the bright summer sky. As such, the name Altair seems betting of the mega structure set to take over the Colombo skyline.

The Quadrangle sits down with Pradeep Moraes, Director Indocean Developers to go behind the scenes of this luxury project.

Indocean Developers which is a venture of the South City Group in Kolkata, is the driving vehicle behind the Altair. The group is a collaboration amongst six large conglomerates; The Emami group, Rameswara group, Merlin group, Sureka group, Shrachi group and the J. B. group. The South City Group owns and operates the South City Mall which is the largest mall in East India.

The unique feature among these 6 groups is that although each of them has their own specialty businesses, they also have a real estate arm which is dedicated towards the building of development projects that are second to none in harnessing the best in engineering, design, architectural aesthetics and management skills. The group partners together have over 150 years of cumulative development experience translating to over 10 million square feet, and a further 20 million square feet of projects worth USD 4 billion currently underway. Putting this into perspective, the Altair project consists of 1.5 million square feet. What must be stressed is that although the group is truly international in its other services such as personal care products, lubricants, logistics etc., this is the South City Group’s first venture out of India in the real estate business. And what a project it has set itself out to be!

When asked as to why the group selected Sri Lanka for their first International venture, Mr. Moraes states that the group identified with the cultural similarities and proximity to Sri Lanka, not to mention the impressive development rate which has sent the message to the international community that Sri Lanka is ready for a higher and more rapid form of sustainable development. As such, Altair is the groups showcase project, nd underscores the group’s future international real estate development plans as it sends forth a subliminal yet lingering message with Altair’s impressionable structure. Location, location, location. This age old saying still holds true. Located at 127, James Peris Mawatha, Colombo 02, Altair will offer the best of both land and sea. Spectacular ocean views and sunsets, and at night the glistening Beira Lake and city lights. Its location alone is enough – Altair offers the best of surroundings to its residents and is scheduled for completion in December 2017.

Altair will oer the best of both land and sea. Spectacular ocean views and sunsets, and at night the glistening Beira Lake and city lights

Altair does not stop with the views. It consists of two tower blocks – a 63 storied tower which leans into a 68 storied vertical tower soaring to 240 metres – Almost twice the height of any building in the region at present! What makes the Altair towers structure unique is its Diagrid design – a basket structure using steel and enhanced weight distribution technology, eliminating the need for columns. This provides a permeable surface for large windows and openings enabling unobstructed views and the flow of natural light and air. The design of the towers takes into account the movement of the sun, maximises air flow and cross ventilation within all units of both towers. Moving on to the amenities on offer, Altair delivers only the best. The living spaces themselves ooze luxury. No cost has been scrimped on. All fittings and fixtures have been scoured from around the world. European marble and Tiles, sanitary ware and fittings equivalent or higher than American Standard and Grohe, kitchen and wardrobes equivalent or higher in standard than Nolte, custom engineered wood to prevent termite infestation and decay and warp age, centralized chilled water system, air conditioning, , tempered and laminated glass, fire resistant doors. Altair identifies that their customers expect the best and aim to deliver on all fronts.

Safdie_Colombo_ExteriorHeroThe creed of the group is to exceed customer expectations. And they do just that. With offerings such as free wi-fi in every unit, home automation and concierge services courtesy Quintessentially Yours, Altair continues to pleasantly surprise their customers (and their competitors) by always keeping one step ahead. The careful cultivation of all partners involved in the project echoes the groups’ creed. It is indeed the coming together of the crème de la crème. The celebrated Moshe Safdie is indisputably one of the best architect visionaries in the world. He is the mind behind Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands and the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts in Kansas, USA. Safdie addressed the Altair project with one objective – Creating an enduring landmark. His designs take into consideration the projects geographic positioning and cultural elements to withstand the test of time enrich the community. With that in mind, Moshe Sfdie has singled Altair out as the perfect landmark at the right time in Colombo’s rapidly urbanizing environment and setting a further benchmark in the capitals future.

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