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By LAWRENCE HEYN There is a saying: an apple does not fall far from the tree. In this instance, three “apples” fell close to the tree – the Paternott family tree that is. In very much a case of like father, like sons, Norman Paternott, and his three boys Aubrey, …

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Joes slow to kick-along to rugby conversion

QUADRANGLE SPECIAL BY NEIL WIJERATNE   Joes slow to kick-along to rugby conversion     The 37th Annual General Meeting of the Ceylon Rugby Football Union (now SLRFU) was held in 1954 during the famous “Annual August Week” at the GOH facing Colombo Harbour. The local custodians of this British sport …

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Splendour in the grass

Splendour in the grass By UL Kaluaratchi It is now decades since I handled a rugby ball. So, the kick-off at this stage of our life is difficult, yet it always is considered very important. I would like to kick off these random reflections by paying a warm tribute to …

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